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Universal Crossbar Adapters


If your vehicle does not have factory roof racks with an accessory groove on the top or aftermarket racks like Thule, Yakima or factory crossbars, you will need these universal bar adapters to properly attach the racks. Includes 4 adapters.


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  • do you make a cross bar adapter to fit a nissan xterra crossbar

    If you have stock cross bars that do not feautre the t-slit or other wise known as an "aero bar", then you will need our adaptors. If you have an after market crossbar like Thule, Yakima or Rhino Rack that do feature the t-slit, then the adaptors are not needed. The t-slit or "aero bars" allow our system to attach to the bars.

  • Can you post or send a picture of the top of these adapters? I'm trying to put together a custom solution for a factory crossbar setup and I'd like to see what the attachment point looks like. Thanks!

    Please could you email and he will send you the pictures you need

  • i have a 2020 lexus cross bar. do i need these? there apears to be an accesory grove. not sure if they are standard or not. PS my brother JImmy got your rack system and said I have to have one too.

    If the crossbars have the accessory grooves, the t-bolts will fit and you will not need the adapters.

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